The Home of Manchester Interior Design is at Hallé St Peter’s

Manchester Interior Design - Home Is In The NorthThey say home is where the heart is, they say it’s grim up north, they say we can expect a mild week with a possible cold snap at the weekend. They say a lot of things but they really need to get out more. Unless of course they’re right about the cold snap in which case they should probably stay in and light a fire. Fortunately plenty of people chose not to stay in last Saturday, opting instead to visit the inaugural Home is in The North event at the stunning Hallé St Peter’s where they discovered that the north is full of amazing creative talent producing work that is about as far from grim as it is possible to get.

Home is in the North is the first of a series of ‘Home Is’ events organised by Rachael and the  Social Butterfly events team, with whom I did the similarly well organised Independent Interiors Show last year. Its aim is to showcase both established and up and coming talents in all things home and interiors. This is exactly the kind of event I’d attend as a visitor so it’s a genuine privilege to be exhibiting alongside some of the most fantastic, friendly and talented creative people I’ve ever met.

Hallé St Peter’s – a Triumph of Manchester Interior Design

I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t visited the venue before the day of the event. So as I wheeled my trolley of crates through the doors I felt like an overwhelmed Harry Potter looking for that ridiculously numbered platform at St Pancras for the first time. This feeling was mainly due to the recently refurbished venue’s successful combination of stunning original architecture with striking modern industrial features, and partly down to my poor fold up trolley driving skills that meant I could have crashed through a wall at any point. As with the amazing St Pancras Station, if you can find an excuse to visit Hallé St Peter’s make sure you do, if only to appreciate its beautiful interior.

The sheer number of visitors all keen to find out more about Northern Letters and buy lots of mugs and prints meant I didn’t get to see or photograph everything that was there, so apologies if I’ve left anyone off, but here’s my pick of what would enhance any Manchester interior design scheme!

The Exhibitors

You can find a full list of the exhibitors on the Events by The Social Butterfly website but a few of my favourites and Twitter friends (and apologies if I’ve missed anyone!) are: the lovely Moregeous Sian, whose paint demo kept my parents quietly entertained for a while; Lisa Watson, whose quilts I knew my Mum would fall in love as soon as she saw them, she did and she bought one; my show neighbours Anthony Hughes with his industrial inspired wares whose first show nerves I hope quickly evaporated when he received the well deserved interest and praise from the punters and Annabel Perrin whose pattern designs even manage to make geometry seem beautiful; Blooming Balconies provided a bright floral background to my own stand; Eclectic Chair‘s furniture formed a stunning centrepiece room setting around which the entire show formed, and I think Heather may have even now forgiven me for the unfortunate mud and upholstery incident during the official Home Is photo shoot some months ago. Of course there were lots of other great people at the show, go take a look at the full list, and don’t worry if you missed it, rumour is we’ll all be back in the same place later in the year so watch this (beautifully designed) space 😉