Home is in the North, up a tree, on a green and in the street….

Home is in the North Mugs

I’ve often thought that Chorlton Ees is a name more suited to some sort of middle-class hipster rave venue in this sunny suburbia with ‘& Whizz’ being the name of the after hours basement room that’s open until at least 9am. Yes I think I did spend too long living in the city centre. So after nearly 8 years there, the move to Chorlton has been a welcome one, but more of that another day. Earlier this week I filled a super stylish oversized blue nylon Swedish carry bag with a selection of mugs and cushions and joined a group of people, each with a collection of beautiful items including chairs, cushions, lamps and tables in a rather muddy but sunny car park at this strangely named location.

I figured there were two possible reasons for this stylish yet slightly random coming together of people and things. We were either here to set up the most stylish Travellers’ camp this side of Liberty’s or we were about to take part in an innovative and exciting photoshoot to promote Home is in the North. I was relieved to discover it was the latter which was good because I’ve seen that Channel 4 show and I’m really not built to do those dance moves…

Home is in the North is a brand new one day event showcasing the best of Northern interiors, furnishings, homewares and art. It takes place on April 26th at Hallé St Peter’s in Ancoats, Manchester and I can’t wait to be there with Northern Letters.

So me, my mugs and some of my forthcoming cushions were in some very talented company as we (mostly) avoided muddy boggy patches of grass to hang things from trees and create beautiful room settings in even more beautiful surroundings. The other exhibitors present at the shoot were Charlotte Nash with her vibrant corded lights; taking the photos and getting their stylish lampshades to defy the laws of physics were Lomas & Lomas; everyone’s favourite mosaicist (if that wasn’t a word it is now) Amanda of Manchester Mosaics with her much loved locally inspired pieces; Heather from Eclectic Chair who manages to source gorgeous furniture and then make it even more desirable with an impeccable choice of fabrics, and Steph from Oh Bother Design with some very unique pieces including some stunning oversized scrabble tiles that I unsurprisingly took rather a shine to!

I took a few less than professional behind the scenes shots for the purposes of this blog with my ‘no, it’s really not a proper camera, even with the use of Instagram filters’ phone which you can see below. Fear not though, as soon as the official photos from the shoot are released I will share them with you here…

There was a second photoshoot in Manchester City Centre the following day, which I wasn’t able to make, but your can read all about it on designer and fellow Home is in the North exhibitor Anthony Hughes’ blog.

The Northern Letters mugs featured are available to buy online now!