Manchester Markets Mega M’weekend

Manchester Markets with Northern Letters

Yes I know that isn’t a word, but you gotta love a little ‘lliteration. Oh dear. Back in the real world, I’m going to talk about markets – Manchester Markets, local markets, little markets, creative markets, urban markets and er.. other markets!

My Manchester Markets Epiphany

When I started Northern Letters, I naively assumed it would be sufficient to get everything online, tell the world about it and everyone would place their orders, pay their postage (although orders over £30 get it free, thumbs up, cheesy smile to camera, ting!) and all would be well with the world. Well people did and do place their orders online and it is a great way to display ones wares in one place in the comfort of other people’s homes, offices and mobile ‘devices’ (it’s all about multi platform dontchya know!). Having now dabbled in a bit of market trading at a handful of Manchester markets I can safely say that you really can’t beat the in person, physical, pick it up and fall in love with it shopping experience that a local market offers. Especially the kind of markets that are bursting at the gazebo seams with creative and interesting traders, designers, artists, makers and bakers which are becoming increasingly popular especially in and around Manchester.

So following this epiphinal episode (this has to stop!), I have decided to focus my Northern Letters efforts on attending lots of markets, so this coming weekend you will find your favourite typographical art and homewares at Levenshulme Market on Saturday 5th April and Altrincham Market on Sunday 6th April. Then the following Sunday 13th April we’re at the brand new markets that everyone’s talking about (well that’s what everyone tells me) at the old Granada Studios on Quay Street.


No Events

Sales aside, the markets are a great way to meet customers and fellow creative traders alike. It’s lovely to get people’s instant reactions to the Northern Letters stuff, especially when they find out or guess where some of the letters come from! So if you’re free this weekend or next and don’t live far away from these markets do come along and say hi, we’d love to show you your letter!