Letter Canvasses

These cute little squares of creativity are what started the idea that became Northern Letters. Due to the range of styles, typefaces and colours, there’s bound to be at least one that’ll sit perfectly on the wall in your home or workspace. Why not buy your initials? Recognise a letter from your favourite Northern Quarter bar or business? Why not have a small piece of it in your home? Create a talking point as everyone trys to guess where each letter took its inspiration from. There’s no need to worry about the whole world having the same canvas as you as each letter is strictly limited. Once we’ve made 25 of a letter we won’t be making anymore of that design. Don’t worry though, we won’t run out of designs as there’s plenty more to come!

So what are you waiting for – they’re all above so get clicking on your favourite, place your order and you’ll get a letter in the post in just a few working days. See what we did there..? ‘Letter in the post’ – hilarious!!

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